Directors and Officer Liability (D&O) for Not-for-Profits – Are You Covered?

Did you know that in addition to offering D&O to privately owned corporations, V3 provides coverage to not-for-profit entities, including foundations, social services, and other organizations qualified as tax-exempt per IRS 501c regulations?

Such insurance allows nonprofit leadership to focus on their organization’s mission and purpose with the protection of a liability plan in place. This provides the peace of mind that volunteers, employees, and the organization as a whole are covered.

Most of our current clients elect a $1 million policy combining D&O and Employment Practices Liability. The product is on an admitted basis with no filed minimum premium. To learn more, contact Brad Lacey at 215-600-0740 or


Professional Lines Vice President, Brad Lacey

Brad Lacey,
Vice President, Professional Lines

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