Fix Now, Save Later

Spring cleaning season is here, and while unit occupants are throwing open the windows, dusting, and organizing, property owners should have their own list of to-dos to tackle. Regular inspection, maintenance, and repairs can not only improve the look and appeal of a complex but regular upkeep is safer for occupants and more efficient for the bottom line.

Clean gutters and downspouts. Fall’s debris and winter’s ice could have created serious blockages. Clear out all gutters and downspouts to ensure spring rains can easily drain away. Prune overgrown trees away from the buildings to help prevent leaves from accumulating in gutters, and to prevent shingle damage from branches scraping the roof covering.

Reseal exterior woodwork. Public space decks, stairs, playgrounds, and pathways that are wood need to be stained and sealed every two years to stay strong and, in turn, safe.

Repair cracks and potholes in sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and paths. The freeze and thaw cycle is roughest on concrete, asphalt, and other masonry surfaces. Look for cracks greater than 1/4″ that might need filling, or consider resurfacing or repaving if time and wear have deteriorated the surface seriously.

Check the foundations. Standing water and snow in winter can easily make for foundation issues. Make sure that downspouts divert water away from the foundation to help water from entering into basements. Test your sump pumps and replace any that are not working.

Tune up the AC. Well before the heat of summer requires its use, have a seasonal inspection done to any public HVAC unit. Change the filters, and ensure the system is running properly well before the temperatures begin to rise.