Four Easy Renewal Tips to Save You Time

Smart Steps to Quicker Quotes

Keep things running smoothly with your insureds by following these simple tips when it’s time for renewals.

  1. Provide us with a new Acord application at least 60 days prior to expiration when there has been a change in ownership or a significant change in the business. Do not delay sending us this information; the sooner we receive the faster we can turn the renewal quote around for you.
  2. Need a revised renewal quote? Be detailed in your request for changes. Provide the reasons and explain the differences.
  3. Need pricing consideration for a state that allows schedule rating? Applying credits requires justification to meet the individual state requirements. In your request for pricing consideration, send us safety and characteristics about the risk. Some examples include: Is there a written safety program or a return to work program in place? Does the insured provide PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to employees? Is there a strong employee training program? Lower than average employee turnover? Does the insured offer post-accident drug testing?
  4. Do you want the renewal policy without having to worry about the down payment? Enroll in the direct draft program — this program carries over each renewal term and allows the deposit to be automatically withdrawn. No need to send a renewal deposit. There are no installment fees when using direct draft, and policies are issued in advance of the effective date.

Thank you,

Pam Wagner,
SVP and National Practice Leader