Get to Know Your V3 CAPP Team

Was your resolution for 2018 to form better relationships with the insurance experts that support your association? Well … then add it to the list. Reading up on the experience and advice you have at your disposal is much better than that protein shake you were about to mix up.
Carol Teasley
Carol has spent 16 years in industry, with nearly 10 years in Underwriting Property & GL primarily for Habitational, LRO, and contractor risks.
Nicole Winkler
Nicole has 13 years of experience on the agency side, supporting National Carriers for 10 years and the CAPP+ Program for two years.
Sara Crowder
Sara has logged an impressive 15 years in Underwriting Habitational.
Melonie Cheers
Melonie has 12 years in the industry, four of those in Property Underwriting & Loss Control, including condominiums.
Combined, this dynamic team is a powerhouse. Our vast knowledge in both underwriting and risk assessment can help you build a profitable portfolio of selective risks. Our focus on quality service and finding innovative ways to work with all clients means you get more than a great rate, but a true partner, and our dedication to continual, open communication and education ensures you have access to the latest resources, information, and trends.
We look forward to helping you in 2018!
Be safe,

Senior Underwriter, Carol Teasley
Carol Teasley,
CAPP+ Underwriting Manager