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Private Vantage Point® and Not-for-Profit Vantage Point®
Risk is inherent in today’s demanding business environment. No matter the precautions taken, there are fundamental exposures in everyday management decisions and business relationships. Private and not-for-profit organizations are faced with potential liabilities from a myriad of stakeholders including, but not limited to investors, clients, vendors, competitors, credit and regulatory governmental agencies. How an organization handles these potential perils can have a direct impact on its financial viability and long term prospect. Management and professional liability insurance are a critical component to any organization’s risk mitigation plan. Vantage Point® is a tailored management and professional liability insurance product solution created specifically with small to mid-sized private companies and not-for-profit organizations in mind. This comprehensive policy carefully integrates ten coverages to work impeccably to minimize any potential coverage gaps. The policy affords flexibility to respond as stand alone coverages or as one seamless policy based on the organization risk exposures and needs. The program is backed by an A++ XV Superior rated carrier.

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Kidnap Ransom Extortion
Kidnapping and extortion are significant threats to organizations and those who serve them around the world. Most vulnerable are organizations with employees based or traveling overseas, but those with high profiles or with operations that handle large amounts of cash, or that work with sensitive information, or technology, are also at risk. Properly managing a kidnapping, extortion or other crisis event is essential in protecting the life and well-being of a victim as well as an organization’s assets. Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) insurance protects organizations against the financial loss that can arise when an employee is seized or detained for ransom or in the face of extortion. Backed by unparalleled consultant, medical, and emergency travel assistance services, our program lends organizations the experience and resources typically not provided in-house to manage and resolve these incidents successfully.

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Private GPL V3antage Point®
V3’s Private GPL V3antage Point® is a cutting edge D&O*GPL Package product solution for companies with small to medium sized private limited and general partnerships in their corporate structure. This policy form responds to various exposures by allowing the choice of one or more of six coverages packaged into one comprehensive program. Directors and Officers & General Partnership Liability are Not the Same. Standard Directors and Officers liability policies often restrict coverage for general partners and limited partnership entirely or provide only coverage for the individual general partners and not the entity limited partnership. Additionally, many policies do not adequately address newly created or acquired limited partnerships during the policy period. V3’s Private GPL V3antage Point® policy definitions are tailored to address the unique risk characteristics of entities with both General Partners and Limited Partnerships and Directors and Officers Liability exposures. There is a broad definition of Insured Person which provides coverage for Directors and Officers, Individual General Partners, Corporate General Partners and more. In addition, there is Entity Coverage for many entities types including corporations, limited liability companies, and scheduled partnerships including automatic coverage for newly formed or acquired private partnerships.

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