Kidnap Ransom Extortion

Kidnapping and extortion are significant threats to organizations and those who serve them around the world. Most vulnerable are organizations with employees based or traveling overseas, but those with high profiles or with operations that handle large amounts of cash, or that work with sensitive information, or technology, are also at risk. Properly managing a kidnapping, extortion or other crisis event is essential in protecting the life and well-being of a victim as well as an organization’s assets. Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) insurance protects organizations against the financial loss that can arise when an employee is seized or detained for ransom or in the face of extortion. Backed by unparalleled consultant, medical, and emergency travel assistance services, our program lends organizations the experience and resources typically not provided in-house to manage and resolve these incidents successfully.

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  • Extends the definition of insured to include officers, directors and employees, their guests, relatives, and any person delivering or handling ransom money.
  • Encompasses a broad range of claims including:
    • Kidnapping
    • Wrongful Detention
    • Extortion (against persons and property)
    • Hijacking
  • Applies coverage to employees and relatives around the clock, whether business related or otherwise.
  • Immediately reimburses the insured for expenses/ransom once a covered crisis is over and receipt of payments made are received.
  • Provides clients with unparalleled consultant, medical and emergency travel assistance services in conjunction with the programs service partners:
    • Travel Guard
    • NYA International
  • Offers 24/7 access to in-house claims personnel dedicated to K&R related claims.
  • Includes access to Global SafeTravel, an easy-to-use, web-based system that enables organizations to keep their business travelers informed and up-to-date, manage, track and communicate with traveling employees, and provide them with immediate, 24/7 assistance in the event of any incident.

  • Signed and dated CrisiSolution® Application is preferred but quotations can be offered in the absence of an application form in the instance where a client for security reasons is reluctant to provide one ~ OR ~ Nature of business, industry type, its public profile, and if possible its trading partners (mistaken identity for example or risk by association is a factor)
  • Locations of facilities/operations, number of employees per location
  • Company’s most recent total assets and revenues
  • Travel patterns:
    • Travel locations (country risks)
    • Number of employees traveling
  • Risk Management, Safety Procedures, Security Measures (Travel, Work and Accommodations)
  • Claims/loss history
  • Expiring terms and conditions (if applicable)