Private GPL V3antage Point®

V3’s Private GPL V3antage Point® is a cutting edge D&O*GPL Package product solution for companies with small to medium sized private limited and general partnerships in their corporate structure. This policy form responds to various exposures by allowing the choice of one or more of six coverages packaged into one comprehensive program. Directors and Officers & General Partnership Liability are Not the Same. Standard Directors and Officers liability policies often restrict coverage for general partners and limited partnership entirely or provide only coverage for the individual general partners and not the entity limited partnership. Additionally, many policies do not adequately address newly created or acquired limited partnerships during the policy period. V3’s Private GPL V3antage Point® policy definitions are tailored to address the unique risk characteristics of entities with both General Partners and Limited Partnerships and Directors and Officers Liability exposures. There is a broad definition of Insured Person which provides coverage for Directors and Officers, Individual General Partners, Corporate General Partners and more. In addition, there is Entity Coverage for many entities types including corporations, limited liability companies, and scheduled partnerships including automatic coverage for newly formed or acquired private partnerships.

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  • Total Assets up to $1B and up to 500 employees
  • Primary and Excess opportunities up to $10M in limits
  • Targeting claims free risks but will consider risks that have had up to three reported claims or incidents in the last three years
  • Broad Definition of Claim includes:
    • Written demand for monetary damages or non monetary relief
    • Civil proceedings
    • Criminal proceedings
    • Formal administrative or regulatory proceedings
    • Arbitration or mediation or similar alternative dispute resolution proceedings
    • Written request to toll or waive statute of limitations
    • Security holder derivative demand
    • Service of subpoena on an insured person
  • Broad Definition of Loss includes:
    • Multiplied damages, punitive damages and exemplary damages with most favorable venue wording
  • Severability of exclusions:
    • All exclusions are severable with respect to insured persons
    • Full severability of fraudulent, criminal or willful conduct and personal profiteering exclusions
    • Supplemental limits of liability for Executives
    • Outside Directorship Liability Coverage (ODL)
    • Carve back to entity contract exclusion for partnership agreement disputes
  • Both separate and shared limit options are available through a single, easy to complete application. The product provides best in class coverage at competitive prices underwritten by the experts at V3 Insurance Partners LLC (V3).  GPL V3antagePoint® is supported by the financial strength of Underwriters at Lloyd’s, rated A XV “Excellent” by AM Best.

  • Completed V3 Directors, Officers and General Partnership Liability Package Policy Application or Competitors Application
  • Organizational Chart (if available)
  • List of all entities seeking coverage
  • Most recent consolidated financials coverage
  • Representative Limited Partnership Agreement
  • Employee Count for all entities