The Simple Way to Take Care of Your WC Clients

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Make sure to take care of your customer, or someone else certainly will.” In the heavily competitive Insurance industry, one smart way to take care of your customer (and to differentiate yourself from other agents just waiting for you to take your eye off the ball) is to be a constant and reliable resource of information.

Check out, bookmark, and use these handy online destinations where you can find helpful WC content to share with your clients.

  • The Learning Center. Webinars on the fundamentals of workers’ comp, including how a business is classified, how rates are determined, and how experience rating works.
  • OSHA. The latest updates to OSHA safety and health training resources, including industry-specific training requirements and materials. Regular reminders of the OSHA laws and regulations are always helpful, too.
  • NCCI’s Legislative Activity Report. Be the first to inform your clients about upcoming bills, passed legislation, and their impact on the workers’ comp system.

Thank you,

Pam Wagner,
SVP and National Practice Leader

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