Workers’ Compensation

While statutes vary from state to state, most employers are required by law to have Workers’ Compensation insurance. The policy covers the costs of medical care and lost wages that result from a job-related injury, illness, or fatality. The policy also serves to protect employers from lawsuits relative to such incidents.

Obtaining Workers’ Compensation from an insurance company rated “A” or better is an important consideration, particularly for certain industries. Contractors, for example, are usually required to have A-rated coverage to bid on certain jobs.

V3 Insurance Agency is proud to offer quality, secure coverage through National Liability & Fire Insurance Company, rated A++ “Superior” by A.M. Best and backed by the financial strength of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Targeted Businesses

  • Automotive Services
  • Building Operations/Maintenance
  • Contractors/Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurants
  • Retail/Wholesale Stores
  • Schools – Education
  • Service Industries
  • And many more!

Contact us to learn more about our appetite including our interest in niche business and program opportunities.

Ineligible industries: aircrafts, federal exposures (such as USL&H, admiralty, maritime operations and FELA), foundries, gas and oil operations, professional employer organizations or temp agencies, professional sports teams, public entities, trucking/transportation, wrecking or demolition work, and others.

V3 iConnect provides a full list of eligible classes.

General Guidelines

  • Premiums between $5,000 - $250,000; higher premiums considered upon underwriting review
  • Experience mods between 0.70 – 1.29
  • New-in-business applicants considered for most classes (some exceptions apply)
  • Nationwide; single- and multi-state risks

Coverage Highlights*

  • Policies written on a guaranteed cost basis
  • Premiums billed directly to insured
  • Flexible installment plans; direct draft and monthly payroll reporting options
  • Toll-free claims reporting 24/7
  • Expert claims handling and access to nationwide medical network
  • Professional loss control and risk-management services
  • Online Policyholder Center

*Insurance coverage and related services are provided by or on behalf of National Liability & Fire Insurance Company.

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